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The souk and hidden sites of the old medina
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The famous medina of Marrakech is a shopper’s paradise, but with literally thousands of shops packed into a maze of small alleyways.To help you make the most of the medina, your guide will lead you to meet with artists who are specialists in their fields and learn about their family businesses and their work, and feel their passion for what they do.At the start of the 3 hour tour you’ll be asked about items you’re most interested in finding, and your guide will create a customized itinerary that best suits the group.Your guide will teach you the art of bargaining. Learning a few key Arabic words and phrases can make a big difference during your shopping adventures!Along the way, you’ll also visit a few street workshops,plaster carving,tile makers,iron work welding where local craftsmen practice their trades.learn about herbal medicines, watch a carpet weaving demonstration in a very reputed fixed-price shop. Shop for discounts and get free shipping door to door.

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