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USB keyboard mouse combo set with mechanical fe...
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Keyboard features:Rainbow Backlight Adjustment. 10 minutes of intelligent sleep. Main Key Trigger Way: 2mm25 Million Times LifetimeHigh MechanicalFeel Backlit Gaming Keyboard Supports OS Windows 98/2000 / ME / XP 32bit Vista / Win7 / Win8 32 / 64bit / for Mac or the last.Mouse Features:Cool OpticalErgonomic Sculpture HybridTrue 2400 DPI A3305 Pro-Gmaing sensor, special edition for gamesBuilt-in weight iron, high-end optical motor, precise positioning2400 DPI is the highest resolution, any choice from four DPI speeds.Standard 6 keys and up and down roller wheel keys can self-defined key function.Ergonomic design, comfortable hand feeling, reduce fatigue.Ultra-precise scroll wheel with backlight.Most suitable for laptop user and PC userKeyboard specification:Keycap technology: ABS + PC hardware buttonColor: black / whiteSize: Approx.445x135x3.5mmDesign: Borderless Arc- Backlit En-CielNormal keys: 104Interface type: USBUSB cable length: 150 cmBacklight color: RainbowMouse specifications:Color: black / whiteSize: Approx.131x71x41 mm Highestresolution: 2400 DPICustomize the DPI switch: 800/1200/2000/2400 DPI.Switch lifespan: 8 million cyclesUSB cable length: 180 cm3000FPS images per second (24 megapixels per second)Buttons: 6 buttons with scroll wheel (two side buttons, one DPI switch)Compatible with Windows XP, Vista , Windows 7, ME, 2000 and for Mac OS or laterThe rainbow backlight does not work for Mac BookPackage included:1 pc x Keyboard1 pc x Mouse1 pc x mouse padFeel free to contact us for any further information or feedback !

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