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Mutty Lall Seal
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Mutty Lall Seal (also spelt Mutty Loll Seal or Mati Lall Seal or Motilal Seal) (Bengali: ) (1792 - 20 May 1854) was an Indian businessman and philanthropist. Beginning life as a bottle and cork dealer, he closed his run of luck with a colossal fortune out-topping that of all his contemporaries. Mutty Lall Seal and Ramdulal Sarkar, another renowned shipping magnate, have become part of Bengali folklore as great merchant princes.Mutty Lall Seal was born in a Bengali Hindu family in Kolkata in the year 1794. He lost his father, Chaitanya Charan Seal, a cloth merchant, when he was around five years old. His early education started at the 'pathshala', thereafter he went to Martin Bowl's English School and finally passed out from Baboo Nityananda Sen's High School. However his life took a turn, when in 1809, at the age of seventeen he was married to Nagri Dassee, the daughter of Mohan Chand Dey of Surtir Bagan neighbourhood in Kolkata.

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